Welcome to Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Dog Rescue!

We are a newly formed 501(c)(3) rescue in the Houston area with over 40 years of combined rescue experience. We help all injured, abandoned, and aim to save dogs from being unnecessarily euthanized. While specializing in German Shepherds, we are working towards educating the public on microchipping, spaying/neutering, heartworm treatment and prevention, and many other pet needs. We are working to build partnerships with other rescues and work tirelessly to assist in the overcrowding of shelters while placing these precious animals into loving forever homes.

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Ways to Help

All of our members are unpaid volunteers, giving their time to help our cause. If you’re interested in assisting us save dogs in the Houston area, we have quite a few different ways to help:


Open your doors to one of our rescue animals and give them the shelter they need while their forever home is found.

Reference Checks

Help ensure our rescues are going to good homes by helping us check the backgrounds and references for our applicants.


Help us manage and assist in ensuring dogs are pulled from shelters and bad situations so that we can help them get help as quickly as possible.


Help transport our rescues from Point A to Point B. This may mean from shelters to the vet, to events, to their fosters or owners, etc.

Event Coordination & Planning

Help us plan and create fundraisers and other events to gather items and donations to help further our cause.

Anything Else You Can Think Of

The driving force for our mission is you: the community. We need your input, ideas, comments, and questions.

If you have any other questions or ideas, please feel free to drop us a line!


We are accepting monetary donations via PayPal, with more options coming soon. Thank you for your support!

PayPal Donation

We are a registered charity on Amazon Smile, so 0.5% of any purchase made will be donated to our rescue! If you already have a charity set, you may need to search for ‘Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue’ to find our listing.

Other than PayPal and Amazon Smile, we are a registered rescue through Pet Rescue RX. You can help us by purchasing your pets’ medication, treatments, and other items, and selecting Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue at checkout, and 100% of your purchase will be donated to our rescue!

Recent News

Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue
Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue added 5 new photos.12 hours ago
Hi! My name is Piper. I am about 8-9 weeks old and in good shape, according to the vet. I just got to my foster home but it suits me pretty well. They have a puppy pool that I like to jump in and big dogs that I chase around the yard. Since I am so young, I have lots of energy but did you know they give treats to sit and to go in the kennel? I am learning quick that I loooove treats. I don't really like going in the kennel but I am sleeping through the night. Are you ready for a cute, new puppy?
Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue
Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue is asking for donations.1 day ago
Balto Update:
Balto NEEDS continued prayers 🙏 He went on a road trip today to Texas A&M Vet Hospital as he needs specialized care. He is still battling pneumonia and he can not control his bladder or bowel movements. There is also a tumor on his arm, severe arthritis, emaciated and other infections. The "guess-ti-mate" for 2 days at A&M is $3000, however he will be there longer to get his pneumonia under control. We are begging for donations, please help us help HIM 💙 We will NOT give up on him, we gave him our WORD when leaving the shelter his latter years will be better!!!

Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue
Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue added a new photo.1 day ago
Kira landed in an amazing home with a mom and a dad and a canine brother. We are so happy for you Kira!!!!
Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue
Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue is asking for donations.2 days ago
GML Family, Balto needs your PRAYERS 🙏 We pulled him from the shelter on Friday and he had to go directly to the vet for immediate care! While at the shelter, we know he lost 10lbs, which he could not afford to loose. He is having an EXTREMELY difficult time breathing as he has a sever case of pneumonia 😥 He also has SEVERAL other infections. His minimum vet bill will be $4000. WE need your help covering his expenses. HE needs your PRAYERS as everything that is going on in his VERY malnourished, emaciated body is taking a toll. When we gave him his freedom ride, we gave our word that we will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for him. He is 7-9 years old and DESERVES to enjoy his latter years. Our volunteers that rescued him and visit him say he is just the sweetest boy, IN SPITE of the way he feels 💙
No donation is too small, thank you in advance for helping us help HIM 💞

Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue
Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue is asking for donations.3 days ago
GML Family welcome Piper!!!!!!!!!!!!

DEADLINE to pick your favorite name for this cutie is Sunday 8 pm. May be extened if there is a tie 😉

We have a contest for you 😁 NAME THAT PUPPY 💝 She is 2 months old and needs a special name. What ever name gets the most "likes" WINS! She also needs a foster 😉