Welcome to Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Dog Rescue!

We are a newly formed 501(c)(3) rescue in the Houston area with over 25 years of combined rescue experience. We help all injured, abandoned, and aim to save dogs from being unnecessarily euthanized. While specializing in German Shepherds, we are working towards educating the public on microchipping, spaying/neutering, heartworm treatment and prevention, and many other pet needs. We are working to build partnerships with other rescues and work tirelessly to assist in the overcrowding of shelters while placing these precious animals into loving forever homes.

All of our members are unpaid volunteers, giving their time to help our cause. If you’re interested in assisting us save dogs in the Houston area, we have quite a few different ways to help:

  • Fostering
  • Reference checkers
  • Intake
  • Transport
  • Event planning and coordination

If you have any other questions or ideas, please feel free to drop us a line!

Recent News

We will be updating our progress on the post pinned at the top of this page. The best news is our 501c3 has been approved and received.

As we set out on our mission it will require a lot of effort and support along the way. That support comes in all forms, we would like to give a big shout out to the 3rd graders at Keiko Davidson Elementry for this donation.

The key to changing the dog's fate is in education and that starts with the little ones. Safe to say the young ones at Keiko Davidson are learning valuable lessons that will lead to a better future.
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Happy hump day!

I wanted to introduce Abby and see if there is anyone willing to foster this sweet girl.
Since we are a new rescue, we are looking to bring some wonderful volunteers into our group and we'd like to start by asking fosters. They are the hardest to find but they help us save lives.

Please consider fostering. It doesn't cost you anything- the rescue pays for vetting. All you do is bring a dog into your home and provide love.
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Happy hump day!

Let's talk about animal abuse. Not the most fun topic, but it's important to understand what YOU can do to help!

While our rescue is based in Harris County, Texas, most of these numbers or resources are available to those of you in different states.

For Harris County specifically:
Dial 311 and report
Call the local police
Dial 832-972-PAWS for the crime stoppers task force
Call BARC at 713-229-7300

Within the United States:
Call your local police
Call the SPCA

It's important to remember to take pictures or videos showing proof of abuse or neglect and to keep yourself safe, too.

If you see it, own it. We can help by merely speaking up! ♥️🐾
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Hello all, welcome to our page. We are Grace Mercy Love GSD Rescue Group.

We are a new start up rescue in the Houston, TX area. Houston and Texas as a whole has a huge problem with overcrowded shelters and stray dogs.
We are an official 501c3 and we are registered with the state of Texas.

Our mission is to form a volunteer network all working towards minimizing the needless euthanizing of abandoned dogs at primarily local shelters/pounds and to rescue dogs in abusive, endangering and neglectful environments.

Please follow us and join in our journey to make a difference. We will be updating more details as we progress.
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3 weeks ago

Grace Mercy Love German Shepherd Rescue

Meet Smokie!!

Smokie was rescued from Harris County animal shelter today by Cypress Lucky Mutt Rescue

He is an 11 month old shepherd mix, good with people and dogs (not cat tested yet). He's just a pup so basic training will be needed!

If you're interested message below, email us or contact Cypress lucky mutt directly!!

He's looking for his forever home ♥️♥️♥️
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